Strengths: Meaty, moto-style tread digs into loose surfaces. GBP No longer marketed as only a wet weather option for the XC world, Maxxis all-new tire takes aim at the quickly growing world of aggressive XC & Trail. 3C is a good addition but I really dont want a tyre just shy of 1kg for my riding. I would say the Ikon lends itself to be the most predictable XC tire in this lineup if your goal is going fast. I don't know if the tread is worn too much or if I've improved to the point that I'm needing more for what I do on my trails than it can offer. That thicker design also provides greater longevity in the Minion. This is a comparison of the Ardent versus some other fast rolling tires, albeit all in a narrower width as this comparison was for XC oriented tires: There was an interview of a Maxxis marketing guy on NSMB, he openly stated that he doesn't like the Ardent at all and there are better options from maxxis that do the same job better (Recon). Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. I've noticed it's washing out a lot more recently though and I'm having to back off in the corners. Nice to see theyre finally offering it aftermarket in a 3C version, always annoyed me you could get the old Forekaster in 3C OE but not standalone! The Ardent Race sees the same tread pattern as its Trail- and Enduro-oriented siblings, but has had a few millimeters snipped off the tread height all around. The extra width and volume over the old 2.25 Ardent really made this tire shine on the trail. As a rear tire, the Ardent has a lot of floats and can be a little drifty, while its more of a speed demon as a front tire. Well have to wait until we get hold of some in the flesh. Although I am a Lancastrian, I freely admit that West Yorkshire is my favourite place to ride. The. Maxxis Forekaster Features. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. Two thumbs up. Calling it a "Goldilocks" tire, Maxxis envisions the new Forekaster as the ideal step between their current XC options and more aggressive trail and enduro tires. Can anyone point me to the best front tire of the two to pair with my rear Ikon? Ride the fastest tires you feel confident on. A lot of people are running Dissectors up front on downcountry / short travel bikes, myself included. I dont know about the forkaster but I can say I dont consider the ardent to be exceptionally grippy or confidence inspiring. Run a 2.6 x 27.5 one on my hardtail for a lot of the year. @honourablegeorge I reckon it would be Dissector up front, no? The Forekaster rolls ok / brakes ok and actually it does a pretty good job when its wet. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. No other tire had my face in the dirt. Got a bargain Forekaster/Reckon (front/rear) 2nd hand from a lad who took them unused off his oEM Orbea- delighted to have them and only 40 quid or so. Or is it? Rolling fast while having some nice traction, I would say the Ardent Race is right in the middle of rolling speed, traction and weight, making it very versatile. Schwalbes have good grip and weight but tend to suck for durability and price. The grip afforded by the Trail Kings got better with a bit of trail time, the tyres losing their coating and the knobs becoming more pliable (but still supportive). This is not a tire that you need to worry about blowing the side walls before youve squeezed the last life out of the tread, which is saying something when the tread is as long-lasting as the Ardent. Tried one one . 2.3 DHR2 3C and 2.3 Aggressor dual are my two main rear tyres. To help with this tires versatility, Maxxis offers it in a 2.2 or 2.35 casing. A nippy tyre for modest trail bikes. The tread on the Ardent resists degrading. Want To Receive Exclusive Offers, Tips & Freebies? Manage Settings I rode Ikons front and back on my 29er XC hardtail in 2.0 width for a while, but after a bit I started noticing the front was washing out more than I'd like. Weaknesses: Not available in 27.5 or 29 in Australia yet. Sign up to receive BikeRumor content direct to your inbox. The launch represents the, Canyon updated the Spectral:ON eMTB in 2022, redesigning the entire bike around their in-house developed batteries. Rekon In 30 years, this will probably be the first time I plan to replace the worn out rear tire with an identical tire. Continue with Recommended Cookies. The Forekaster sports shorter medium sized nobs in an open pattern. Part of that, Appleman Bicycles has released the 2XR FIT Crankset, available to buy or to rent, with the aim of helping riders find the perfect crank length, It wasnt until day three of the 23 Sea Otter Classic that Elliot Tanner, the Founder/CEO of Stashed finally flagged me down to show me. Learn how your comment data is processed. If that doesnt work try the next tire in your favorite manufacturers line. Highly-regarded tire maker Maxxis continues to expand its popular Wide Trail lineup with new versions of the Rekon, Forekaster, Ardent Race, Aggressor, High . The dual compound offers great grip and wear characteristics and adds to this combos value. This allows the center of the tire to roll fast providing just enough traction when climbing and braking but not comprising any speed. I personally really like to ride this tire out back, be it a 2.2 or 2.35. Rekon 2.6 up front and Rekon 2.4 rear. The low profile tread also has ramped center knobs allowing the Rekon to roll similarly to other dry XC tires. I currently use a Forekaster in the front in those wet Autumn and Winter months, and I gotta say, Ive not been impressed with it. Would run as a rear though. That's changed a bit with the new version. The reason for asking is because some people have commented in other threads that the 2.4 width seems to perform better (I'm guessing because you can run the pressure slightly lower). Still feels like it rolls pretty good even mounted reversed. AUD While it doesn't get picked up as much as these other dry tires do, it holds its place in the Maxxis lineup for the XC/Trail mud tire. With ramped center knobs and stepped alternating side knobs, the Ardent race has a great transition from the center to leaning the tire over. This new one, Im not quite sure what its for. As Maxxis puts it, When an Aspen isnt enough tire but a Minion is too much, choose the new Maxxis Forekaster.. When I first saw the Rekon, I thought it looked like an XC version of a Maxxis High Roller II and Maxxis Minion combined. There are UST or Revo Tubeless Ready versions of this tyre unless youre very hard on tyres, wed suggest the Revo version is fine. Pinkbike Poll: How Many Volume Spacers Do You Run? Shame theyre quoting them as so heavy, the 292.4 is claimed at 945g, which puts it same weight as a Dissector and 2.3 DHR II. I upgraded to a 2.25 Rekon up front. The Forekaster weighs only 735g with dual compound and EXO sidewall protection. JavaScript is disabled. Or downcountry as its often called. It needs a bit more volume (2.35) but it was fine round a very muddy ashton court at new year. Installation of the Ardent is a breeze. Was going to use them as a summer set now that it looks like summers is here for a few weeks! Regardless. Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total). Come join the discussion about bike parts, components, deals, performance, modifications, classifieds, trails, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! As I said, this tire is a classic and finds itself in its fair share of combinations, so we'll list some of the more common tire combinations and sizes/casing options. Great under brakes. Let's find out! :/. Minion DHR II Maxxis Forekaster vs Ardent Like the Ardent, the Forekaster is tubless ready. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. The Print+ membership where Singletrack magazine drops through your door, plus full digital access, is normally 45, now only 22.50 with the code. The Ikon excels in dry conditions with its 3C compound options and the small siping on each knob across the tire. Anthony Smith Maxxis classifies the Forekaster as an 'aggressive XC' tire, which seems about right: it rolls fast, and accelerates incredibly well at 735 grams for the 120tpi, EXO-casing version. Its a great tire that works in many types of trail conditions. In some pics the knobs look shallow, in other pics they look a bit taller. Sizes available: 26, 27.5 and 29 diameters in 2.25 and 2.4 widths. Maxxis might have some of the most iconic XC/Trail tires like the Ikon and Ardent. BRL Enter the Forekaster 29x2.35 Maxxis's unapologetic copy of the Schwalbe Nobby Nic. They sure looked the part for a do all tire in the Pacific North Wet (yes wet) with their well-spaced ramped center tread and transition nobs. The Forekaster is available in 27.5 and 29 wheel diameters with widths of 2.20, 2.35, and now 2.6. Singletracks Mountain Bike News, Product Reviews, MTB Trails and Community Protected: Forums Mountain Bike Forum Maxxis Ardent or Forekasters as a front tire. Similar post over on shows an image of a Forekaster in an Exo+ casing, I wonder if those quoted weights are for the thicker casing? Looks like Ill be looking towards their more XC-orientated models next time, which is a shame as I like the larger side knobles than is typical for a light tyre. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. We envision the new Forekaster as the perfect companion for long, pedally rides in a variety of terrain. Opting to retain the mixed-wheel platform with a 150mm, Lauf Cycling, Icelandic manufacturers of the iconic leaf-spring fork, as well as carbon road and gravel bikes, has now moved all its bike assembly activity, 3D printing has had a place in the bike industry for many years now. Its also available in a 2.4 which wed consider as a great front tyre option for looser or sandier conditions; 2.25 out back, 2.4 up front = aggressive trail riding perfection. I would not consider this the typical XC tire unless your typical XC race is the Downieville Classic where 3k feet of climbing is followed by 30mph+ descents. The Aspen also clears mud very well and while it might not have the overall height of some mud tires, the spaced-out tread allows more clearing when the dirt gets thick. I agree with Minimus, the Ardent is not a great tire. Especially mounted as a read tire, the Ardent is just a touch drifty, especially if you like to corner hot, but not so much that youre likely to lose control of the tire, much less the bike as a whole. Wheels and tires are what make the most difference when it comes to weight and on a small travel bike, the best weight to traction ratio win the spots on my bikes. The 29er version with the durable DoubleDown casing we tested weighed 1,090 grams. While true cross country racers will be looking for the best weight and rolling speed they can get, our tire choices tend to also have a heavy emphasis on traction. MSRP for the Forecaster 3C/EXO/TR is $85, and . I have a buddy that runs the Forkaster front & rear on his Primer raves about them. Feast your eyes on these four tyres treads that roll fast but fill you with confidence in corners and when it gets rough. Weaknesses: A bit vague in intermediate corners. However, the tread is significantly thicker on the Minion, which is what gives it better loose soil traction. I am having trouble on deciding between the Maxxis Forekaster 2.35 or the Ardents 2.4. They work great for getting loose when you want to. Well look at where the Ardent stands out, where it falls a little short, and the differences between front and rear mounting this tire. . The Ardent has been part of the Maxxis lineup for years. Intended to be a "Goldilocks" tire, the new Forekaster (released July 2022) rolls faster than a Minion or even the Dissector but provides more predictable cornering, climbing, and braking traction than the Aspen or Rekon. Schwalbe Magic Mary Purple Addix front. The new Forekaster has certainly got closer spaced knobs but thats about the only thing theoretically less-wet-friendly about it. The most aggressive trail tyre in the Continental line-up is the Trail King (previously known, rather kinkily, as the Rubber Queen). Where it struggles is in sticky mud as the nobs aren't tall enough. And a digital membership where you can read all the digital magazines is normally 25, and now 12.50 with the code. Weaknesses: Not the best for tubeless use. The tread isnt aggressive enough for thick loose soil or sandy conditions, and quickly loses traction in those conditions. This allows the center of the tire to. We noticed this most on hardpack or sand, while in loose conditions it didnt seem to affect the tyre greatly. That said, the tread is only moderately aggressive, and it looks like less of an all-terrain all-condition tire than many of its competitors. Good grip in a variety of conditions, decent volume, low drag, and peace of mind. Skatey at first. After pouring through their catalog comparing tread designs and weights, I settled on a Forekaster and Ardent. I've run the Ardent/Forekaster combo and it was better than a Forekaster on both. Come join the discussion about bike parts, components, deals, performance, modifications, classifieds, trails, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! It strikes a balance between speed and traction for the rear when riding aggressively. He has been writing about whats new in the bicycle world for 12+ years. While XC tires might not get much love from us, we do ride most of them and also sell lots of them. It doesnt have the aggressive squared-off profile some cornering tires prefer, but its more rounded shape also doesnt have any dead zones or major loss of reactivity and grip. It was an immediate improvement from the Ikon and it's been there for a year. Fishing 7.75K subscribers Subscribe 13K views 3 years ago Did a quick review of why I like this setup! Anything more and that goes into the next category of tires. Tire , Currency: Part of why they still have it in their line up is that it's popular as OE (cost reasons I guess). The Dissector is available in 3C Maxx Terra and 3C Maxx Grip and comes in both EXO and Double Down casing. Overall a well mannered tyre and a better choice for those whose trail choice is more rocky road than caramel slice. We ran it as a dedicated front. I switched that out to a 2.35 Forekaster and it has been on there ever since. dam the tyre looks like it could take a beating. Not to be confused with Maxxis Wide Trail tires that are designed around a 30-35mm rim. Mounted on a 26mm inner width rim it measures out exactly 2.4" at the nobs and casing making it a respectably wide tire. CAD With tons of options for front and rear, the combination is endless. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. The blocky tread is somewhat of a wonderment, being very grippy on the loose stuff as well as equally adherent on bare rock something we werent expecting. Video , Currency: Forekaster are great all around tires, Adrdents are still ok tires IMO but honestly since riding 2.35 Forekaster and 2.4 Rekons I cant ever see riding an arent again either. For the terrain I ride, it has been a great combination on my SS and rolls surprisingly well for that kind of tire. The Aspen has some small race size ramped knobs in the center with larger more aggressive side knobs. The hang up there is it's only .15 of an inch difference, and Maxxis tires often times won't measure out to their stated dimensions, so I might be stuck with the same tread after a swap if I just get a bigger Rekon. Maxxis Forekaster 292.2 EXO TR Maxxis Ardent Race 292.2 EXO 3C TR Maxxis Crossmark II 292.25 EXO TR Maxxis Ardent 292.25 EXO TR Maxxis Maxxlite 310 292.0, 170tpi Those last two, or last three, are outliers from what we would normally consider racing on. Closely aligned ramped centre blocks improve braking while ensuring. Users are generally very pleased by this tire, especially used in combination with a more aggressive design that offers better grip for added traction and better all-condition performance. At 782g, the 27.52.6 is 92g heavier than the 2.35 Forekaster of the same diameter. Grippy compound. GBP While the Maxxis DHRII comes in a vast array of widths, casings and rubber options, the only ones to look at here are the 2.3 and 2.4 widths with EXO protection. 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